Additional NHS Services

Parentcraft – Help for new parentsbaby_mum

Ask one of the health visitors about any of these groups:

Breast feeding workshops/support groups  

For antenatal and new mums.

Drop In 

For babies and toddlers, for advice.  Support for positive parenting, behaviour management, cooking and budgeting skills working at times with Community Learning, Social Work and Education professionals. 

Early Months Group

Covers aspects of childcare/health advice. A series of 5 sessions covering first aid, resuscitation and accident prevention for under fives, management of minor illness, weaning, sleep and play and development.

First Aid and Accident Prevention

Aimed at parents and carers of under 5’s.


All immunisations for children under 5 years old.

Infant Massage 

Infant massage classes.

Parenting Programmes

Includes PEEP and "You Make a Difference" 


Toddler taming, basic health cooking skills, shopping for food on a budget.

Other Services

Occupational Therapist

There are two different types of services available which you can refer yourself to:

Community Rehabilitation Occupational Therapists

If you find you are having problems managing everyday activities because of illness, injury or disability and you would like some treatment and advice to help you manage again, call 01467 672718.

Community Occupational Therapists

If you feel some equipment or an adaption to your home could help you cope with your disability or illness call 0845 345 6791.


Our physiotherapy department is at Inverurie Hospital.  If you would like treatment or advice for conditions like backache, muscle or ligament sprains or strains, please feel free to contact them by telephoning the non-emergency help service on 0800 917 9390.  You do not need to be seen by a doctor to access this service.

 Speech & Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapists see both adults and children with communication difficulties. They also see patients with certain feeding and swallowing problems. Patients are seen at Fyfe Park Clinic, in schools or at home.   Appointments are made following referral from a GP or Nurse.

Teenage Health

Health worries?  Skin problems – acne?  Diet – are you eating properly? Worried about your weight?  Are you getting enough exercise?  Contraception – don’t leave it till it’s too late.  Pregnant?  Don’t just sit and worry.  Emergency Contraception – you have 72 hours after sex to get this.  We can help with lots of problems. You are not on your own – sharing a problem is always a good start. We are here to listen, not to tell, so come and talk to a doctor or nurse.
To make an appointment you can phone us on 01467 642289 or visit the practice. We are available Monday – Friday 08:00 - 18:00.

Well Woman

We no longer have a dedicated Well Woman Clinic time, but appointments can still be arranged with a GP or nurse for all procedures.  We offer advice and treatment on hormone replacement therapy, the menopause, period and continence problems, cervical screening, breast awareness, post-natal checks, implants and coil insertion. 


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