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In addition to GP consultations the practice adheres to the General Medical Services Contract for the provision of healthcare services:

Aberdeenshire Primary Care


We do most of the antenatal care, like blood tests, blood pressure and checking growth, at Kemnay Clinic (Fyfe Park) unless there’s a special reason for you to be seen at the Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.  All the scans are done in Aberdeen - routine ones are done at 14 weeks and then again at 20 weeks. 


asthma_inhaler4This clinic is to help people who have asthma or any chest disease to get the best treatment and as few symptoms as possible.  We have recently changed our recall systems and patients with more severe asthma will continue to be recalled annually.  For those patients at the milder end of the spectrum we will monitor your prescription use and if this suggests your condition is worsening, we will still offer you a review at the clinic.  Patients in the following groups will continue to be recalled:

  • Those on a combination preventer inhaler or more than 2 inhalers will continue to be reviewed annually
  • Children under 16  will be reviewed annually
  • Patients who use more than 6 blue inhalers in a year will be offered a review
  • Anyone who feels their asthma is deteriorating.

Please bring your inhalers with you (and peak flow meter if you have one) when you attend.  The clinic is run by Hannah Huntly.

Blood Pressure

We would like every adult to get a blood pressure check every 3 – 5 years.   So, if you haven't had your blood pressure checked for some time, we will be very happy to do it.  If you are already on treatment for blood pressure, we'll invite you in to have this checked every year.


General contraceptive advice and contraceptive pill checks can be arranged by appointment.  Regular contraceptive injections can also be arranged with any of the practice nurses.  We offer services for IUD and implant fitting and this can be arranged following discussion with a GP.   Emergency contraception is always available at any time.  If you need it, come to see us straight away and tell the receptionist that you need to see a doctor or nurse as quickly as possible.  The chemist can also supply emergency contraception over the counter at no charge.

Cervical Smears

3-yearly smear tests are recommended for all women between the ages of 25 and 64.  You should be automatically notified when you need a smear.  Smears are usually done by one of our practice nurses.  Your result will be sent automatically to your home address within 4-6 weeks of having your smear.  If you have not heard of the result within 6 weeks please contact the surgery.

Diabetic Clinic

Susan Murray is our specialist diabetes nurse who looks after patients with diabetes.  If you've got diabetes we want to see you at least once a year to make sure that your blood sugar is well controlled and that you avoid any problems from diabetes.  There is a Community Dietician who offers dietary advice.


We have a dietician who comes once a month to do a clinic at Fyfe Park. She can give advice on all dietary matters including special diets for specific medical conditions, weight reducing and healthy eating diets.  If you want to see her speak first to one of the doctors or nurses.


If you are taking anticonvulsant medicines for epilepsy we’d like to review you annually (either in person or on the telephone).  To check that your treatment suits you, to find out how you are feeling and tackle any concerns you may have.  This review is usually carried out by one of the doctors.

Heart Clinicheartandstethoscope

- Heart Disease and Stroke

Patients with heart conditions need regular reviews to make sure they have no new symptoms, to check drugs and give advice on keeping a healthy heart.  We have recently changed the review system to minimise the number of times you have to attend the surgery.  Patients are asked to see Carol, the nursing technician, for blood tests and various other measurements.

The results will then come back to Susan who will review all the information.  If the patient highlights any problems or if the results require further discussion, you will be called in for a clinic appointment.  If all information is satisfactory, then no further action will be required and recall will be re-set for the appropriate period of time.  This clinic is run by  Susan Murray.

Minor Illness Clinic 

To help maintain quick access to the right person for your problem, we have regular minor illness clinics run by Hannah our Minor Illness Nurse, She can attend to 'less serious' problems (such as ear infections, coughs, sinusitis or cystitis) and can organise prescriptions to treat these conditions if indicated.

Minor Surgery

Some minor surgical procedures can be performed at the surgery following consultation with a doctor, but you may need to be referred to Inverurie Health Centre for other procedures.


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